Daughter of Zion Day Canberra

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‘Daughter of Zion’ – such a feminine phrase in the midst of Old Testament history with its wars and battles and predominately male focus. Who is this woman? What has become of her city? And why does her story resonate so closely with our own? This unique day-retreat is for every woman who longs to hear the voice of God and find healing, freedom and maturity.

Presented in three dramatic spoken-word acts, the Story of the Daughter of Zion takes us on a journey throughout the Bible, provides a compelling introduction to the unseen realm, and offers a message of hope and personal restoration for women of all ages.

This special one-day event will be presented by Anya McKee, founder of Torn Curtain Collective and author of ‘Feels Like I’m Breathing.’

Event Details

Come and join us to discover God’s voice in your story.